This is the view from the training table. There are actually 7 dogs waiting to go home with each person in the class. They do not tell you which dog they have chosen for each recipient so they have you work with each dog several times as they record how well the dog did with you. Day 5 will be the big reveal and then we will be taking our new dog home with us to start personalizing the training. The most difficult part about training is allowing Peter to be the trainer. That is mostly difficult because he has never been the sole owner of anything in his life. It is showing me how little responsibility I have given him as he has grown.

Adjusting your parenting is always the challenge when you have someone with special needs. It becomes very easy to continue to treat them the way you have treated them their entire life. Pushing yourself out of the same routine is what needs to be done but it is hard to do. I am starting to see that maybe this dog will do that for me. Help me give Peter new responsibility.

The days of training are long and difficult. Day in and day out I am doing the same thing. Sitting in class for hours and hours and then heading out to dinner and then home and doing it all over again. The transferring is difficult and wearing me down. The rain is constant during this first week of class. Peter and I are dying to know which dog is in the running for him. We have some ideas but we are dying to know for sureā€¦.  Tomorrow we will meet our new service dog! Peter is hoping that it is the big black dog that they keep letting us work with but we are not sure! Tomorrow will be an exciting day for sure!!