After three and a half years of school I am finally at graduation! I am so thankful to finally be here! Every few months this past year I have dreamed of giving up. I have said to myself over and over, “Is this all worth it?” Going back to school is a tough decision! I am not sure I would say it is a decision for everyone. You have to know it is what you want and you are willing to sacrifice for it.  To be honest I am overwhelmed that I am actually at this place in time!!!!!! Getting my Masters was far harder than getting my undergrad degree. Pushing myself out of what felt comfortable and learning to be vulnerable was harder than I thought.  But I am HERE! Finished!

School has taught me many things. It has opened my mind to new ways of thinking. I have become less judgmental and more flexible. I have grown to understand there are many ways to live life, many ways to solve a problem, and many different perspectives all of which are rooted in something. I have discovered that there is always more to every single story. There is always something deeper under the surface that drives behavior. And that it takes effective listening and understanding to even touch the surface.

I have loved the study of the brain for many years. I have enjoyed the science of what makes us do what we do, feel what we feel, and behave how we behave. These last three and a half years have been a study in just that. I have loved looking deeper into those areas of life.  Thinking about life and behaviors makes looking at humans in a totally different way. When someone tells me their story I often find myself wondering how they came to the conclusions that they came too. Each human is such a mystery and each learns different things from the same event. How can that be? One thing happens in a family and each member takes away something completely different. It is fascinating to me.

But graduation day was so funnnnn!!!! The entire family was there for me (minus Mandi and David because they will be coming for the boys graduation)! It made me feel so good and it made me realize that without each of them I would not have made it through. Even Jessi and Jason. I cannot tell you how many time Jessi saved me when I thought I would not make it. She would sweep in and help me with Peter and would start dinner etc. Each person did more for me in the last three and a half years than ever before. They all got behind me and pushed me on to graduation. It will be something I will never forget. It spoke volumes to me of how important support is in life. Thank you sweet family of mine for choosing to help me reach this goal! Without your help I would not have made it!

Who knew it could feel so good!! I have never pushed myself harder but I survived!!  I am so thankful! Believe it or not it was worth every single moment!