I was able to squeeze in a fun little get away with just Jefferson this summer! What a joy it was to be with him all by myself for a few days in Del Mar. My folks are at their beach home right now so the beach was calling our names. On Thursday mid morning we jumped into the car and got to the beach by 4pm. We went directly to Del Mar Pizza. And if you know Jefferson you know that is exactly where you would go the second you hit town. We grabbed Honey and Papa and took them to eat pizza on the beach with us.  Jefferson and I had so much fun even just driving there. We listened to the music he is really into right now and he told me all about his dreams for this coming year. We laughed and talked all the way to the beach.

After dinner the two of us went to the movies. We saw a great movie and then got an Oreo milk shake at Jack In the Box before heading home. The next morning we took a beach walk after having breakfast at our favorite Stratford Court Café.  That afternoon we rented electric bikes and rode up the coast

That night we ate dinner prepared by Honey and played games with Honey and Papa. The next morning we did our beach walk, cinnamon roll breakfast and got packed up. We ended our time at the beach at Smash Burger. We then drove home enjoying beach stories and life stories with one another.

I will never forget my time with Jefferson! He has an easy-going gentle personality that makes anything fun. He must have said thank you to me a million times.  It warmed my soul. He makes me proud all the time. He is an artist that will go far in life and will accomplish great things. He has a drive for art and a passion for God. What better combo can there be? J The best thing about growing Jefferson up these last several years has been that he has kept himself focused on his personal growth and his passions. He has not dated much and was able to keep himself out of a lot of drama in high school. Being his mom is a blessing and I am eternally thankful to God! I remember this 2-pound baby clinging to life almost 20 years ago. I dreamed back then of days like this with him. I prayed desperately that I would have the opportunity to see him grow and develop into a man. I prayed that God would spare his life for a purpose and would give me the wisdom to mold him into whatever that purpose was for him.

I have prayed that God would keep me focused on teaching him what he needed to learn in this life. For Jefferson I taught him to never consider himself a victim of anything but to always find the strength in his set backs to create something new. I have always encouraged Jefferson to serve and to consider himself a gentleman. When he was really young I used to tell him he was in “gentleman camp”. I would have him write essays when he did something disrespectful as to how the action did not demonstrate a gentleman’s behavior. I would require that he get the door and always be polite. If we would ever see a woman struggling across the street with her hands full I would tell him to jump out and help. He usually had his hand on the door handle anyway just waiting for the assurance.

When Jefferson was young I encouraged him to speak up to adults. To always ask a question and to always compliment them in some way. He took this to heart and for years he would ask every adult he would bump into if they enjoyed their job and then he would compliment their work. It was always so sweet to see. Jefferson is a unique talented artist. I love him with a love that you cannot really describe. He has been the kid that had the strongest will but I always knew if his will was directed towards love he would be the one that would strive without detour. He is an amazing young man!

Jefferson, thank you for this weekend! You fill me with so much love! I am always a little surprised by it. When you were really young you would hold me in a long kiss goodbye everyday when I would drop you at school. I used to wonder how you loved so well. How it was seemingly so easy for you to share your love without hesitation. Your confidence and courage has always been the part of your personality that I have admired. When you were really young I remember looking at you and wondering what sort of young man you would become. Today I see the young man you are. You are strong, creative, loving, smart, kind, gentle, and you have much understanding of who God is. I love that. I love that you push yourself to do creative things. I love that you always empower Peter with your willingness to assist. In fact I love your relationship with Peter. I admire you for so many things. I LOVE being your mom! You make me proud! You are everything a mother could ever want in a son! I will love you forever here on earth and even when I leave this earth. My love for you will extend throughout your life because when you’re a mom you are always able to leave your love with your kids and it lasts forever. J

PS. Here is my little mom suggestion. Take time to be with each of your children alone. Find little ways to sneak away from the big group. Make it something you do as often as you can. I think for me personally since I always had my children in groups it became very important. I have sweet memories of each child alone. During my time alone with each one of them I learned something new. I learned something I would have never learned in the group of the family. Jeff and I have always pulled each kid out of the group to deepen our relationship with them. It’s a small thing you can do but it is a powerful relationship builder. You will not regret your alone time with your kids in fact you just might wish you had done it more often by the time they hit adulthood

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