This will be my last school musical to watch these amazing boys of mine. Oh how I will miss watching them on stage singing and dancing! The joy it has been to watch Jefferson and Peter go through high school is hard to explain. They have been so much fun to watch as they have grown and developed. I have never enjoyed watching musicals more than I have in the last couple of years. This year the guys were in the Pirates of Panzance. Jefferson was the Major General and Peter was one of the police. Watching these two was fun! 

Jefferson and Peter showed me an entirely different side of their high school. Watching how much the student body loved Peter was life changing. The fun I have had watching these two in each of their activities will be something I will really miss. It is hard to say goodbye to stages that are fun. I know the guys are ready to get out of high school but I sure enjoyed the last 4 years with them!

When I used to think of these two in high school I was worried. I was afraid Peter would not be accepted and that Jefferson would not find his “thing”. I was wrong about both. Isn’t it hard when your thoughts want to scare you about life? When the vision you have of the next stage is even scarier than real life? I have to remember this as I proceed on to a new stage. I have to keep my thoughts from scaring me. I have to push my thoughts away from wanting to imagine a scary outcome. I want to detach from the outcome.  I want to allow life to develop and accept life as it is. I want to find grace and peace along the way not limiting myself to my chosen outcome but opening myself to God’s outcome whatever that may be. 

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