We are adjusting to life with Diesel. He is such a sweet dog! We have been trying to figure out exactly what it is that Diesel will help Peter with in his quest for independence. I think in time we will begin to know more. For now he is the key element in teaching Peter responsibility. That is actually no small feat. Until Diesel I have not been able to find something in life to simulate responsibility for Peter. So many milestones for Peter have not yet been completed and as he continues to age the weight of needing to learn responsibility weighs on my heart for him.  How do you teach responsibility in a creative way? No better way than with an adorable service dog!

Diesel comes and gets me every morning so I can transfer Peter out of his bed. He also eagerly joins Peter on any outings. He can give high fives and he loves working at his skills. I love Diesel’s gentleness. He has a gentle spirit about him. It is funny but you can feel that when you are with him. The last few weeks with Diesel have been so sweet. He loves to swim and is easy to have around the house.

I have never owned a large dog. I am really enjoying having him. He is well behaved and fun to teach new skills to. He always prays before Peter feeds him. It is cute to see.

Peter always cares for him. It has shown me that Peter takes good responsibility. I am very proud of Peter for working diligently with him. Peter is always watching parenting video’s on youtube and he refers to himself as Diesel’s father. J It has been wonderful watching Diesel and Peter bond. It is obvious that Diesel knows he works for Peter. He has a totally different disposition when he has his working vest on. He lowers his head just a bit when he has his vest on and he is working. He becomes very serious. When he is home he is on break and he acts like a well-behaved dog. We are all falling in love with Diesel. I am thankful it has worked out that he is our new dog. He was worth all the heartache of training….