Jefferson got his very first job at In and Out when he was 16 years old. He worked there for three years and he is now saying goodbye to his job and moving on to work at Jeff’s office and attend Film School.  The job has been good for him. He loved working in the dining room. There would be times where he had the entire dining room wearing hats and watching his magic tricks. He earned several awards for being one of the top dining room attendants. I am proud of him! It was good that he learned to juggle a job while attending high school. Jefferson was busy through high school and worked the weekends. It kept him out of trouble. J I personally believe keeping teenagers as busy as possible helps keep them out of trouble, it also gives them less time to play video games and to date. J He did have to sacrifice things for his job and that is also good life training. He got the job by purely ordering his food one day at their drive thru. Jefferson always orders in a happy way and when he came around to the pick up window and the manager asked him if he wanted to work there. It is the way things go for Jefferson. His personality appears to open doors for him.

Jobs are a good learning ground for teenagers. I observed that I had a tendency to not want Jefferson to juggle as much as Jeff felt like he was capable of.  Bumping up against these sorts of disagreements with your spouse is what grows the two of you as a couple. I did not have a regular job in high school or in college. Jeff on the other had did have one for both high school and college. It is funny how you only know what your parents did and if you were satisfied with your raising you want to duplicate it in your own parenting. Learning to create a new team is what you are really doing when you raise you children. Learning to put together a team that is different from your raising but is a blend of both of your backgrounds becomes the goal.  This is why parenting tests your marriage. Both of you are trapped to your own backgrounds wanting consciously and unconsciously to repeat your history. In fact studies show we can actually only get so far from our histories. In someway each generation repeats their history.  So being aware of that and pushing yourself to blend both of your histories together will become a challenge. Mind you I am not saying you will solve all the problems your parents may have encountered, you will just encounter different problems.

Well I am proud of my In and Out employee. He held his job from Freshman year to Senior year and learned many things along the way. Jefferson is the kind of person that learns from doing and Jeff was right he was capable of juggling a job, school, and drama. I am thankful I trusted him. I am thankful I was given the opportunity to see the strong benefits of a fast food job! J Well done Mr. J!!