After spending three weeks in Oregon with Peter and Diesel I came home exhausted. Everything in me was tired. Jeff suggested I go to Seattle and find some peace. Jeff is probably the most unselfish person in my life. For Christmas this year he gave me a trip to Seattle. I had not used it so I booked a trip to one of my favorite cities. Having your best friend living in a different state as you is not all bad. Alison and I have used living apart to our advantage. If either of us needs to escape our life for a bit we know where we can go and stay for free. All my married life I have taken her up on her offer to drop everything and be with me if I come and see her and I have done the same for her. Through the years we have gotten better and better about our time together. We actually consider ourselves experts in girl’s weekends. 

While I was there we shopped, we talked, we stayed on an island, and we laughed a lot. We shared with one another our concerns as we headed into this new chapter of letting go of our amazing children. We shared our life with one another for four days. It was all we needed to remind ourselves we are never on this journey alone.

Always take time to find peace. Make it a priority to nurture relationships where there is peace and understanding. God can speak through our deepest relationships. Hold those relationships in high value and with much respect. They will guide you to a better understanding of yourself.