I had to say goodbye to Mandi and David a few days after this picture was taken. I started to cry as I drove them to the airport. I never seem to be able to say goodbye without crying. I miss having everyone together so badly. I do hope one day I will be able to say goodbye and not cry or not feel my heart break a little. Maybe that feeling never leaves you as a mom. Maybe saying goodbye to your kids never really gets easier.  I keep thinking it should. Maybe when you love someone so much its like saying goodbye to part of your heart. I thought it was funny because this was the first time David saw me cry as I was saying goodbye. He wanted to make it all better for me so he kept trying to tell me all the good parts of he and Mandi coming home. I finally said to him, “one day you’ll get it but for now you will just have to put up with my tears…” Tears are hard to explain.

This summer Peter and I are going to Oregon to get his new service dog. It will require staying in Oregon for 15 days for training. I am concerned on several levels. I think this is the right thing to do for Peter (at least I hope). I guess only time will tell. One thing that is difficult about helping Peter gain independence is trying to figure out what will be most effective in assisting him. I have tried a number of things. So far I have not really found something that will put me out of work. I am praying that this dog will fall into the effective category! I have learned there are many challenges in coming into adulthood. I have also realized that if he does not choose to be an active member in his independence that it will never be effective. I am just adjusting to some of the realities of young adulthood with disabilities. I am trying my best to adjust to what I need to adjust to in order to help Peter where I need to help him.

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