Finding JOY on the inside is sometimes the hard part. Many times we rely on the outside world to bring us joy. If it’s too hot it not joyful, if it’s too cold, if I am alone, if my life does not seem to be going like I want it too, etc.  We become stuck to the outward circumstances to bring us out joy. But to be honest joy and happiness comes from the inside out. There is a quote that says, “Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” (Joseph Campbell) In our gloom and despair it can be a challenge to find joy and happiness.

My best friend Alison gave this float to me for graduation. I LOVE it! It makes me smile. It makes me feel happy. I love the color, the shape and just the idea that an orangesicle is sitting in my pool!! Joy follows you through life if your joy is tucked into your heart. Regardless of circumstances your joy will return as long as you have it there. Keep your joy safe and sound in your heart and then let it find its way to you like an old friend….