Today I am getting a facial. J My sister bought this for me as a graduation gift. I am just now using it. I absolutely love facials. But I hate how I fall asleep during facials. I usually am disturbed by a snore coming from myself during a facial. It’s super annoying. But it does not keep me from enjoying a good facial.

Self-care. That is what everyone calls it. I actually find it very important. I find you don’t have to get facials, massages, or other expensive services in order to do self-care. Sometimes you just need to speak kindly to yourself reminding yourself you are loved. Expressing yourself with patience is part of self-care because it keeps people from yelling at you. Being alone and quite is self-care. Reading, exercising, and meditating is good self-care as well. Even eating healthy and drinking lots of water is good self-care. Remembering to take care of your thoughts and reminding yourself that many of your beliefs and thoughts are not complete truths. Reminding yourself that when things do not go the way you would like them to the best self-care is actually accept the situation immediately just as it is (I am not always good at this). When we accept the situation immediately and surrender it to God you actually allow yourself a fighting chance in the difficult situation. Ugh this is hard because self-protection is innate. Life is hard, do your best to take good care.  Never forget that life is hard because when it is hard you won’t be surprised.