Easter Sunday with the family! What a blessing it was to be with the family for Easter! Having Jessi and Jason in town makes it just so much fun being together. Jefferson and Peter love having the two of them around and it is a joy watching them create a new life together as a couple. I am thankful as a mom!!

This year we went to church together and then went to lunch at Ava’s. Before lunch we enjoyed taking a few family pictures. I can feel the end of the year winding down. I am just a little sad as I am becoming more aware that the boys will be graduating from high school soon. I feel like all I am doing this year is my “last”. My last musical, my last comedy show, my last you name it…. Kinda depressing. But this Easter was a blessing! I love being together and learning how to love one another more.

Easter is the reason for all we believe in! It is the foundation for our faith. I love the holiday and am thankful that God has brought me to this exact place in my life. I love the life He has graciously given me! I pray that all the days of my life become a celebration of what he has done for me! I will never repay him but I can live in his abundant love and grace and share that with all those around me! Happy Easter!