One of the most amazing gifts is that Jessi and Jason decided to live in Phoenix (at least for now). I cannot tell you how much it means to me! Jessi works three twelve house shifts and so she has a little more time off than the normal working individual. When she has a day off during the week she comes home and hangs with me! It is the sweetest gift! We work at self-care on those days. J We often times get our nails done, get a massage, and definitely take a nap! We love just talking and discussing life with each other. It has been the most loving gift that she chooses to be with me when she is off and her husband is at work.

I did not even realize what a gift it is for your grown child to spend time with you on a regular basis. She has taught me so many things from our days together. She reminds me of the early days of marriage. Of the struggle it is at times to learn to live with one another. She reminds me of the early days of careers. The need to feel settled into a profession. Her days as a nurse are difficult and long and we use her days off to process all that she has gone through. As she pushes herself in her nursing I am reminded of what a hard worker she is. She is honestly full of courage and wisdom. I gain much from my days with Jessi. I love how your grown child can teach you new things in life. I love that it becomes their turn to move forward in the journey of life. At times I feel like Jess and I are closer in life than I ever saw us before. It is almost as if she is at the beginning of the path and I am halfway down the road looking back at her. Laughter comes easily between us. She has offered me the sweet gift of friendship and for that I will forever be grateful. Her consistent presence in my life over the last year has been a gift from God. I am aware of the great blessing it is!

To call your daughter your deep friend is an honor. To feel the safety to share yourself with your daughter is a gift. I am thankful she has taught me this in life. I am grateful she allows me to be myself and never appears to judge me. She often times laughs and states, “Oh my gosh I do the same thing!” And many times we sit back and giggle that we must have the same defects. We are able to share our feelings of lost when we think of Mandi living somewhere else. And often times she states that she misses her sweet twin desperately and I totally get it. She also gets my feelings of missing Mandi and she will say, “I know mom.” Just that makes me feel understood.

Isn’t that the main desire in life? To feel understood? To feel heard? Isn’t it amazing when you have that in friendship? I love my kids so much! I am eternally thankful I have my sweet girls to share woman feelings with. As a woman, having daughters gives you a new way of seeing life through the eye of another woman. It helps you make sense of your own childhood feelings by watching them grow and mature. It gives you insight as to why you may have felt like you felt. I love that. I love how children help us finish up our own growing up process. Having my daughters always teaches me something new. It often times helps me by watching the process from a different perspective. By watching the process I am better able to understand the life of a woman. It brings new understanding and allows for greater empathy.

Thank you Jessi for your loving gift of friendship! I pray we will only grow closer. I admire your work! I admire the woman you are becoming and have become! Thank you for sharing yourself with me! I love your husband deeply and feel completely confident that you married the exact right man for YOU at the exact right time in your life! You two will grow into a reflection of love and relationship and I know many people watch you. I personally appreciate your down right honesty! There are few people in this world that respect honesty like you do. I admire that in you. I admire that you know what you need to do for yourself. I admire that you are always open to change. I admire that you decide in your heart your next move and then you do it without fail. I wish I was more like you in many ways. I love how determined you are to be your very best, to push yourself through the uncomfortable! I will forever be your cheerleader while on this earth and up in heaven. J You are someone to be cherished and I know how deeply you have been loved in life. I am always thankful you have so much love in order to give love to your patient’s when they need it most.  You make me eternally proud…