After five long days of training we were awarded Diesel as Peter’s new service dog! Diesel was the exact dog Peter was hoping for and watching the two of them on the day of the announcement was so cool! This picture was taken moments after they announced that Diesel would be coming home with us. Peter and I were so happy that we were finished with working with several different dogs! This would be the very first day that we would take Diesel back to the little house in the forest with us. He would sleep beside Peter and we would continue to work on all the training skills they taught us during the last five days. We would now begin to learn to love our new dog Diesel. And Peter would begin to learn the responsibility of having a dog rely on him.

The training classes have been far more intense then I ever imagined. They are eight-hour days. We sit in a room and listen to long lectures and then we practice what we have learned with the dogs. It is intense. Now that we have been awarded Diesel we will start going on outings. These outings are good times to learn how to deal with Diesel in public settings.

I have become aware of how difficult it is to own a highly trained dog. You must constantly stay on top of his training and be very disciplined with him. I love that Diesel may be the vehicle of responsibility for Peter. Although Peter was not sure he really wanted a service dog when we began this journey I think he has grown to already accept Diesel.  I believe that for Peter to own a dog that can assist him a bit and will bring him companionship will be a positive thing. Diesel has a gentleness about him that is hard to explain. His big brown eyes looking at you for assurance. It is a start into a new journey a beginning of a new relationship.  Only time will tell where this companionship will go and how it will develop.