Yano Creative has been in the same location for 13 years. This summer Jeff and I decided it would be a good time to move the company downtown Phoenix. The art district has really picked up downtown and Jeff was needing a change. We found a great studio siting in a loft above an art gallery. And so began the big move downtown. 

You never know how much work it is to move until you are moving. Even an office takes lots of time. As we shifted through the years of work and past clients Jeff and I would lose ourselves in the office for hours. We took out loads and loads of trash and lighted the entire office by getting rid of things that were no longer necessary. And then we physically moved everything on our own downtown. Desks, shelving, tables, lights, etc. It was so much work but in the end it was beautiful. 

To my wonderful daughters: support your men. Never make them feel bad for working long hours to provide for your family. Instead support it. Learn to be independent enough that they can know you will be okay if they need to work long and hard for their career. Take the burden off of their shoulders so they can have freedom to out work others in their profession. Don’t nag or complain about their long hours instead be thankful that you have a man willing to work hard for your family. Learn to be GOOD on your own and productive when the two of you are not together so that you can each be an important part of the team. I always found my time without Jeff at home allowed for me to trust God for all my support. That actually ended up growing me more than if I had had him around more often. Jeff has always worked long hours and to be honest I have learned from him just how much work it takes to be successful. He has had to sacrifice time with me to grow his business but it was always worth it.