With Jessi being in Argentina for six weeks we have Deedz to ourselves! She came home and got a job at the gym working in the kids camp. She is a counselor for their kids sports camp. She works at the same gym as one of her best friends. It seems to be the perfect summer job for her. This summer she was not to sure that she wanted to come home but I really wanted her home. So she came back. I am so thankful she did. I have loved her being home! I know it won't be many more years that we will be able to have her come home for long periods of time and it means the world to me. Sadly I hear the clock ticking down. 

Mandi is such a hard worker and this year at school has been one of her largest challenges! I personally do not know how she got through the year. One day after she has had years to reflect I want to sit down with her and ask her how she did it.  She never stops amazing me at her bravery and determination. I admire so many qualities about her! I treasure her loving spirit. She seems to be self directed this summer. I see her making decisions that are best for her based on her own values. She makes time for Jefferson and Peter and takes them on sister dates. It has been a blessing having her around this summer. 

There are some evenings where just the three of us go out. That is unusual because when both of the girls are home we normally go out with both of them but this summer we have had Deedzie to ourselves. Having individual time with each kid is so valuable. You see them in a whole new way. Mandi laughs easily and is a joy to be around. She was always the kid that kept me organized and on top of things. When I felt completely overwhelmed Mandi would do something to lessen the burden. I know she knows how much we love her but I wonder if she will ever know the depths of our love for her. Maybe when you're a kid you never really know.