This is one of my favorite pictures of Mandi and David on the day they got married. Look at her looking at him, the man of her dreams. I love it! You honestly have never seen a bride get dressed as fast as Mandi got dressed on her wedding day. She literally woke up, ran her hands through her hair, and if I had not had a professional do her make up she would have been ready to walk down the aisle in 10 minutes flat. It literally was the cutest thing ever!! She is a natural beauty so she does not need much time in front of the mirror. I have always loved that about Mandi.

The morning of the wedding was filled with happy excitement. My girlfriends in which I had employed to run all the details each had their list of things to do and were running around picking up the cake, getting the flowers, taking pictures, taking video and attending the bride in all she needed. The family was happily getting dressed along side Mandi. I think back upon that morning with a big smile. It will remain as one of my very favorite memories. The ceremony would be at 10:30am on a beautiful piece of grass overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The morning brought a fog with it and when the limo pulled up to pick us up and take us to the location where David was waiting, it felt like a dream….

My darling first born looking fully grown and beautiful in every way! I had grown up going to the small village of Del Mar, CA. My parents actually loved the area so much they bought a condo there. As a result I brought the kids there their whole life. As evidenced by my many beach stories. And then that the wedding would take place in the area that we called our second home made everything come together with perfection.  The fog, the ocean, the sea air, the soft colors it was all perfection.

And just like that we were on our way to La Jolla. On the drive through the village of Del Mar and on towards La Jolla we talked together. Jessi gave Mandi words of advise saying, “tell your mind to pay attention and then intentionally remember this moment for the rest of your life.” It was the best sort of advise a sister could offer. As we sat there deep in thought Jessi spoke again and said, “let’s all pray together.” It was just want we needed to do. As a family we all held hands and began praying and thanking God for His love and blessing.

Then we each kissed her and told her we loved her deeply. She appeared to be very aware of the moment she was walking into. She said, “now lets all just sit here quietly” and that is what we did. Each one of us lost in our own thoughts. Moments later we arrived, we saw the small crowd gathered at the foot of the cross my father had sweetly made for the occasion and I was the first to come out of the car and be escorted to my seat by my darling sons.  Getting out of the car was a symbol to me of moving into a new stage of life. It took effort on my part to intentionally step forward. I had to trust that this new normal would feel right and comfortable again in time. I took a deep breath and started my walk to the mother of the bride chair. And I took my seat.

Life goes by fast. Change comes with or without your permission. Your only choice is to accept the change, find a new peace, and carry on in grace. And before you know it you are sitting in the mother of the bride (or groom) chair at your baby’s wedding. I was filled with joy when I saw her beautiful smiling face as she walked to her groom. I had not seen her smile exactly like that for years. Deep in my heart I knew then that everything was just the way it was suppose to be. A new family forming, a new story to be told, a new son to love….

I will never forget the day, the feel of peace and the excitement knowing that Mandi was happy and well loved.  LOVE NEVER FAILS….