Both Mandi and Jessi have passed their nursing boards and are ready to start practicing nursing!! I am so proud of both of them!! My two registered nurses!!  Both of them are so excited! And to be honest Jeff and I could not be more proud of both of them! It amazes me how it all worked out!

I have started to see clients in my practicum! I love it! I have noticed that I need to talk on my therapy days. Jeff so kindly listens and supports me as I talk about my struggles. I have four clients for the next 10 weeks. I will be wrapping up practicum around Jessi’s wedding. I can hardly believe school has come to this much juggling. I love seeing clients! This makes me happy because it confirms that counseling is exactly where I needed to be!

The boys began their senior year!! Their first day of school passed me by and I did not take a picture this year! I can hardly believe it! Life is strange without Maxx around so Jessi and Jason bought a new puppy Boston Terrier. It is brown and white and they call her Sade.  Jason moved into a new apartment September 1! I’m happy the two of them found a place that they like and they will be living close to downtown.

My biggest fear is that this year will go by and I will not be fully present! There is so much to do that I feel like I am flying around working hard and not living in the moment. My prayer is that I will be able to calm my thoughts down and rest in His perfect peace.