The day the girls graduated from ORU was a day I will never forget! Both Jessi and Mandi pushed themselves so hard in school! On their graduation day watching them walk across the stage to receive their BSN is a feeling that still gives me chills. I guess I never really thought about how proud I would be to see them get their degree! Jeff and I had walked across that stage about 25 years earlier. But it wasn't just that. It was everything I had watched them overcome during the last four years. It was watching teenagers change into young professionals before my very eyes. Watching them slowly become passionate about their field of interest was inspiring. Knowing that it had all been worth their earnest efforts was powerful! 

The morning before they graduated Jeff and I snuck out of the hotel room and made it down into the prayer gardens before everything began. We talked about the times we used to sit in the gardens dreaming of our life together. It was powerful to be back in that same garden knowing in a few hours our children would be graduates. We talked about the ways life turned out different than what we had dreamed back then but how beautiful the reality of life was. We talked about how proud we were of the girls for living up to their promise to work hard!!  They did everything they set their minds to and we were filled with pride!! Girls, I can not tell you how proud I am of both of you! You are amazing women with much to offer!! 

Somethings in life you can hardly contain your gratitude, this is one of them! I am filled with thanksgiving! And off they go into the world...  I actually raised two people capable of graduating from college with nursing degrees!