This is the cross that my Dad had built for Mandi’s wedding. When she first told me the only decoration she wanted at the alter at the ceremony was a cross I said, “really? A cross?” She said, “I feel like it is the one thing that I must have. Because of God David and I are getting married. I want to acknowledge that.” That was one of the many powerful things Mandi said to me concerning her wedding. And so we all had to get a cross for the wedding. I searched high and low for a cross and could not find one. I called churches and asked for a cross and no one had one for us to rent. Then I went to the man that has solved many of my problems in life, my dad. J

In my dad’s typical style he created this amazing cross for their wedding. It was perfection!!  The cross sitting upon a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It could not be more perfect. God being the center of your relationship is what gives you hope as you move forward. Loving another brings with it pain and joy. God gives us the strength to face the pain and the comfort of a companion as we walk boldly into the future. It brings me much peace to know David and Mandi understood this deeply. Trust in God my sweet girl….