The above picture is of the people I go to school with on a weekly basis. I have grown to love each of them. They have become like family to me. I have shared deep and personal things with them as a class and I have been inspired by many of their stories. I am the oldest by about 20 years but I have felt fully accepted by each of them. I used to worry that my age would keep me from being accepted in class but I have learned that age has nothing to do with it. As hard as school is for me to go to right now I actually love the distraction! It makes me feel like I am doing something that will last longer than the wedding planning.

School has been pushing me to find new things out about myself.  One area of growth has been learning to sit in silence as my client is contemplating. At first dealing with my anxiety in the silence became all I could think about but now I have been using the silence to grow my confidence.

I have learned a lot about my personal style by watching videos on myself during sessions. I have been able to see how I use my body language and how I use open-ended questions to promote deeper thought. I hate seeing myself in the video but it has been extremely effective in learning myself.  I am able to identify areas where I can grow and I am able to work on those areas more effectively because of watching the videos.

It is funny how you never really have the opportunity to watch yourself like the world sees you. One cool exercise is to ask some of your friends how they see you. Ask them how you portray yourself in public. It gives you much insight. Many times we are not even aware of how we are portraying ourselves. This may give you an opportunity to straighten different things up in your life or emphasize what is really important in your life that you may not be showing. Or it might help you as to how to pull yourself back. Whatever it does there is value in understanding yourself.