Yes that is Ratsy! I love her so much! As I grew in life I began to stop trying to make my mother into what I wanted but I began to accept her as she is. I had always demanded that she accept me as I am yet for years I wanted to make her into what I thought I wanted/needed.  Then one day it hit me! She is exactly what I want and need! God knew all along what I needed so why not accept it! So just like that I started to completely accept her and I started to accept her deep love for me. Before that it was me who had cause the separation with my own expectations and unspoken demands.  Now I live much lighter!

Accepting people just as they are is life changing! You accept they are not perfect. You accept they don’t say everything right. You accept their love even when you are not feeling it. You accept them without trying to change them.  You let them be themselves. You let them be exact who God made them to be. And then, you begin to start accepting yourself. It’s funny in life that everything that grows you requires that you first look outside of yourself, your feelings and your opinions. Once you step out of yourself you begin to accept others and yourself in ways you have never experienced before. Try it…..