mandi and gina 2015.jpg

Mandi came home!!!  Mandi came home for a few days after not passing her nursing boards. I know she is upset but to be honest it was the most wonderful treat ever! She came home and Jeff and I took her to San Diego to work on her wedding. We shopped for her dress, looked at venues, and settled on flowers and location for the reception. It was nothing but a TRUE gift from God to have her home with us! She was happy and it felt like old times with my sweet girl Deedz. While she was home we got so many loose ends decided on the destination wedding. She showed me what she had in mind and we were able to tell her how much we loved her. I think this is what I really needed!! I cannot describe how much better I feel!!! 

While Mandi was home Maxx passed away. It was super sad but you know what? We were all together. We created a grave and had an entire service out under the oleander bushes. Jessi played her guitar and we all told stories of our memories with Maxx. After each story everyone would respond in unison, “thank you Maxx”. A couple of the girl’s old friends came to the service with flowers and stories of their own. It was a sweet tribute to a family dog that had been with us for 12 years.  Maxx was the kind of dog that was always there. He loved the kids so much and lived his middle years right during the kids middle years. He will be missed! We each wrote what he meant to us on a stone and put it on his grave.

While Mandi was home Jessi took her boards. I cannot imagine how hard that must have been on Mandi but she handled it with such grace and love. There are times Mandi’s absolute love for Jess teaches me something new! And visa versa! I love to watch the two of them together!

Mandi return’s to Tulsa and will re-study and will take her boards again. I KNOW she will pass this time. She is super smart and has studied well. She has been called into nursing. She will achieve her dreams I am sure of it! I love her so much!!  I am truly thankful for the gift she gave us by coming home one last time before getting married. I felt like I was able to really put things right in my mind.

The boys are both taking summer school and the summer is moving by so fast! Jess and I spend most of our days planning and crafting for her wedding! On my spare time I will work on the ideas Mandi gave me for her wedding! I pray I can keep getting it all done. I need lots of help. Every other day I feel like giving up school and the one thing that makes me want to hold on is that I NEED something for myself. Transitions are so hard!