As much time and effort as I put into Mandi’s wedding it did not exceed what Jessi and I have done to prepare for her upcoming wedding! Jessi is a completely different bride than Mandi and she saw her wedding as an artistic expression of love for her husband to be, her family and her many friends. Every last detail has been discussed with Jessi. She has been working and creating for the big day for months upon months. She never grows tired of crafting and developing the look of her natural farm like wedding that is approaching. Her ideas are all full of creativity and love. She thinks of the smallest of details and works even those details out with her ability to create. Everything she decides has a purpose and a meaning of some sort. She leaves nothing untouched by her artistic hand.

Working along side of Jessi these past several months has brought me much joy. Watching her create from nothing into something is amazing! She reminds me of Jeff and how he can create something into an amazing piece of art. She decides everything by how it makes her feel. The wedding itself is not full of high priced objects but rather inexpensive craft projects that are done with an artistic taste and style. Everything she does takes time and she enjoys creating for her big day. Instead of plain table numbers she paints wine bottles and asks family members to draw something meaningful on the bottles. She has decided to make her own wedding cake and so she practices it. She does everything with care and intention. She sees her wedding as a gift to her friends and family and thinks of ways to have something special for each of them. She has been engaged since December and she has used her time well in creating her wedding. She loves to include me and sees the two of us working at creating her dream as part of the process. She reminds me all the time how much it means to her to have me working along side her as she creates.

Planning and creating Jessi’s wedding has been an unexpected gift to me as a mother.  I sometimes wish this would last a lot longer. She makes me feel part of all the love. I spend my days thinking about her ideas and we talk endlessly about how to create different feels for her wedding. Jessi is all about relationship. She understands the importance of relationship and she embraces every part of it. Creating Jessi’s wedding along side of her will remain a treasure in my heart! As we spend the last couple of weeks preparing it has been nothing but fun!

Two girls with such different ways of expressing love! Two weddings three weeks apart but completely different from one another! It all seems so right. I cannot lie it is hard to put my head around it all. In fact I came home from Mandi’s wedding exhausted! I wanted nothing more than to lay in my bed for a week. But that is not what I can do right now.

I am still pushing myself through school! I am seeing my 4 clients who I love seeing on a weekly basis. School has definitely intensified! I am nearing the end but I have a long push to June to go! I wonder if I can make it! I want to go to bed so badly! Have you ever felt that? I know full well I cannot go to bed but I sure want too!!

Peter is still cheering for Horizon this year! I love going to his footballs games! He is always so happy! His senior night is falling on Jessi’s rehearsal dinner night! Can you believe that? And rehearsal dinner is at my house! Everything happens at once. Why?

Well I must go and continue to craft and create. I love working with Jessi! She makes everything so much fun! 19 days until the wedding!! The weather is cooling off and it feels like the date is approaching fast! The big count down has begun!