Jefferson is in a comedy club at school. He made the team when he was a sophomore. He does 4 shows a year. It is so funny!! We love comedy show nights. The entire family has enjoyed going to his shows throughout the years. This year I have been savoring the moments of him up on stage making us all laugh! His wit is hilarious! I love it! Having Jessi and Jason in town allows for them to see Jefferson.

The BIG day (#1) is drawing near!!  I think we are ready! It will be a big push to get the rest of the wedding things to San Diego the weekend of the wedding but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I have rented a big beautiful home in Del Mar where we will all stay together. Omi and Granddad and Alison and Jeff will stay with us. Mom and Dad will stay at their condo and with Ava and Steve. Mom and Dad have neighbors that offered to host Julie and Darrin and Shawna and Nick. And Jack and Tricia will only come in for the day. So I have a place for everyone who is coming to the wedding on our side.

I have family games planned and cookouts. Mandi and David wanted the wedding to be like a big family trip. The two families do not know each other at all so I am hoping the wedding gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and maybe have some fun together. Ariane is the only other person in the wedding besides family. It will be a total of about 40 people. The venue is beautiful! I am hoping the weather is beautiful!