Here is the typical picture in the hall with everyone waiting to come out and see the tree and presents on Christmas morning. Christmas Dad is always the most fun. J This is our first Christmas without Mandi (and David). I’m sad about it but I totally understand. It just keeps reminding me that I am entering into a new stage of life. We decided to go to Del Mar for Christmas so we left Christmas afternoon and were at the beach by dinnertime. The traveling helped me not think about missing my missing chick.


Life changes so much in a year! How can it be? Life goes so much faster than you ever expect. I am always reminded to try as hard as I can to stay in the moment God has given me and to not wish for the past.

My parents were in Del Mar as well and much to my surprise so were the Smiley’s! It makes it extra fun to have friends around when you are feeling down. Jessi and Jason came with us on Christmas day and they stayed with us for the weekend and then headed home for work. We stayed the entire week. It was so fun. We took time with our friends and went out with my parents and the boys. We stayed until New Year’s Day! It was super fun!

I have never had a more FUN New Year’s Eve! We spent the night dancing away at Jimmy-O’s in the village of Del Mar. It was so fun!! It’s been years since we had fun for New Year’s! Maybe this is what it means to start having fun without the kids involved. My sweet friend Heidi came to Del Mar to spend the evening with us which made it so fun! Here is what I learned this year. You can have fun again even if all the kids don’t come home for Christmas, you just might have to go out and find the fun…. :)