And then it was all over. The time had simply gone by and I had enjoyed every single second. It was great having the very small group of family gathered. We were all able to talk to Mandi and David and send them off with our blessings! They danced on the rooftop outside of our favorite restaurant in Del Mar and the breeze blew and we were all happy for the two of them. And when everything was finished and there was nothing else left to do or say. My friends were the people that were left sitting at the last table to be cleared. J One of the husband’s spoke up and said, “I think its time for some drinks.” We all laughed and agreed.  And there was something about being with these friends of mine as my first daughter to get married left that afternoon with her new husband that brought me peace.

We sat there for about a half hour as we watched the staff clean up everything and take it away. And then we all headed back to the house to sit in the spa and relax as if it had been a job that we had done together as a team. We had married off the first of the Hill Girls offspring and it would be a door that would be opened for a while as each of our children grew into adults. We as a team had survived! When we all became friends as 18 year olds we would have never known that years and years later we would be sharing this moment together. Teaching one other how to let go of something as precious as a daughter. One of the girls said, “We did it! We all got through our first wedding as the mother! Kinda makes you feel old huh?” We all laughed and agreed that it definitely felt different on this side of the wedding. As we talked I thought back to each of us getting married. How we each came by each other’s side as we stood facing our new life as somebody’s wife and now as we stood side by side as mothers. There is something about long time friends that is hard to explain but easy to understand.

I am thankful for my sweet family! For Jeff and my wonderful parents and siblings that stood with us on this special day! I am thankful I kept my head together long enough to enjoy the moment. And I am extra thankful my darling daughter found the love of her life and decided he was worth giving her most thoughtful vow of devotion too! Mandi and David may God continue to direct your love and your life!!  I love you both!

“We are the bows in which our children as living arrows are sent forth. Let the archers hand be for gladness; for even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves the bow that is stable.”    (The musings of Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet)