Jessi’s wedding was a complete delight! She made sure she had everything in place before everyone started to arrive in Phoenix. She had nine bridesmaids, all of her closest friends. She giggled and smiled the entire weekend. Every moment she put into creating love was on display for all the family and friends to witness. This wedding felt like a celebration of love. It was very busy with many friends and family all in town. The night before the wedding the nine bridesmaids all slept with Jessi in the playroom. They laughed and talked until deep into the night. When morning came they all jumped up and started to prepare for the big day.

Their matching robes were a gift from Jess and they all wore them until they put on their dresses. Jessi used lavender and wheat for her wedding flower. She ordered all her girls flowers online and the entire feel of the wedding was natural and fully of love and beauty. She had her ceremony in the Prayer Pavilion at Phoenix First Assembly the Pavilion my father designed several years ago. She decorated the pavilion with my father so that she would not take away from his design. When she came down the aisle her two grandfather’ opened the large doors and she and Jeff walked down the aisle. Here is a picture of the two of them having a moment before she is escorted to her new husband.

When those doors opened I was once again touched by the power of the moment. Watching your precious daughter on her wedding day is indescribable.  As I watched her and Jeff walk toward the alter I saw her entire childhood before my eyes.  Her funny ways, her exaggerated stories, her easy giggle, and her deep love for her boyfriend who would soon be her husband. I felt at peace as she walked toward Jason after all those months of planning and creating knowing that she was finally living out her love and she had a large happy smile to remind me that she was doing exactly what she wanted. All her days of planning created the day to be radiant! It was almost as if God looked down and touched her day with the most perfect weather. The sun set right before her reception and the lighting felt almost unreal. Everything she had created for that day matched her deep feelings of love for all of us but mostly for Jason.

Often times I wonder how she knew herself so well at such a young age. How did she understand her style? How did she know how to express her style so well? For many of us it takes years and years to learn so much about ourselves but for Jessi it seemed as if she took the day with confidence. She had often said to me while we were planning, “I do everything from my heart.” It’s hard to feel confident enough in yourself to listen to your heart when you are young. She is the exception.