Don’t berries just make you love summer?  I have to say I am not a big fan of summer because it gets really hot in the desert in the summer but I am a BIG fan of berries so I love summer fruit!  A couple of summers ago we took the kids to the northwest and picked all these berries and brought them home.  That is one of my favorite memories!  Berry picking is something you don’t do out here in the desert!  What a treat it is to pick your own fruit.  I love the winter here when the grapefruit and oranges are ripe on the trees but in the summer here there is not much going on as far as fruit picking.

Summer sure is an adjustment from school to no particular schedule.  It takes a couple of weeks to get into the hot grove of summer.  We are just finishing week number 3 and I have to say I have been okay.  Next week the boys don’t have camp but we have several outings planned!  The older the kids are getting the more time you spend getting them places and at this stage of the game sometimes I have 4 different places to get people too!  I do love having a little more time with the kids one on one but you must keep a perfect balance between not doing much and having something to do...  This is where balance is IMPORTANT!!  

One of the things that is hard to get use to is the constant dirty dishes.  It seems like someone is always eating in the summer.  The dishwasher always seems full.   

One thing I was thinking about in particular is summer camps and how important they are for kids with special needs.  I think camps are great for any kind of kid but I think kids with special needs really need camp.  To tell you the truth I think it is important to share our kids with special needs and for them to work at getting their needs met by people other than their parents.  I think it is kind of hard thinking about it but I think it does everyone a lot of good even if sending them out there requires extra help from others.  When Peter was little I use to send an aide with him to vacation Bible schools just so he could experience the VBS like the other kids but he had someone there to help him when he needed it.  If you can, always think of ways to get out there. This is where I think teenagers come in really handy.  Teenagers are perfect for picking up a summer job and I have never met a teenager that was not willing to help Peter when he needed it.  Never mind waiting to find a respite person to aide, just hire a teen and then start signing up for programs. 

Well, next week marks the middle of summer so we are really getting into the swing of things now.  The heat is picking up which is always a little hard on everyone but mostly on me. Will write more later....