This is a picture of my dog!  Max is 4 years old and lives a life of a good lazy dog.  He plans his day from sun bathing to sleeping on the coach...  Nothing really changes his plans though out the day.  It is really funny to watch.  Anyway as I was looking at him the other day I was thinking about how uptight I can spend my day, probably only because I have a much bigger brain than he does and I have people who depend on me but really I start to think so highly of myself as if my world would stop if I stopped.  Sometimes stopping is the best thing you can do in a stressful time.

After I had my boys they remained in the NICU for 2 and a half months.  I spent my days being everything I could to the girls (who were three years old) and then headed into the hospital to be with the boys.  I remember one day in particular when I could hardly take the pressure any longer.  Both boys were fighting infections and I was falling apart.  I said to my husband I need to see the ocean.  Two days later he and I jumped on a plane to CA and when I got there I sat staring at the large vast ocean and I said if God can create that our situation with the boys is so much smaller.  At that moment I knew I would be okay and that life would somehow go on even if it might be different than I had hoped.  Knowing full well just how small we were compared to the large ocean did something for both of us that day.  Wanting control in the situation in light of how small we really were reminded us both that the only thing that we could control was our reaction to our situation.  It really is the small things that matter.  


Enough for now....