I was thinking about my friends today because of it being summer.  I am a huge friend person!  I LOVE my friends.  It is the one thing I have taught my children well (never mind that I am still working on teaching them to read for enjoyment).  But to have friends is to open yourself up for disappointment, compromise, change, and another way of thinking but the joy from a great friendship or several great friendships is worth every moment of sacrifice.  What I think you tend to forget is that it is a sacrifice and it is not all just enjoyment.  Friends come into our lives in all different ways.  I remember in my darkest times certain friends came in and out of my life.  There are friends who really want to enjoy the good times with you, there are friends who want to rescue you from the bad times and then there are those few very special people who want to share it all with you.  I have to say I love all three types of friends and as I have grown older I have tried not to make my rescuers into something they are not or my good time friends into rescuers.  This has not always been easy because when you finally come out of your dark moments you miss your rescue friend at first and you want to hold on to them but it never seems to work as well.  Those rescuers only feel needed when they are rescuing.  But I am thankful for that personality type.  I have needed at different times of my life my rescue friends.  My good time friends really want me to feel better.  While my rescue friends come in and go to really helping me while letting me heal.  And when you feel better and their help is not needed as much slowly you don’t see them as much but their help in your life will always be precious and always remembered. Rescue friends are priceless.

My good time friends on the other hand are right there when you are feeling better.  And I love those personalities too.  They love having fun with you.  They’re the ones you want to go to the movies with and laugh with but don’t let them hurt you when they don’t show up in your darkness.  You have to take them for who they are and what they bring to your life.  They are so important in life because they make you smile.  They’re there to share sweet moments with you and they honestly love you.  I personally can’t make it without these people in my life!  Because they share most of life with you.

And then there are your few special friends that are there through it all with you.  They’re the ones that laugh with you, cry with you and end up at your bedside when you are dying.  I have watched a few people die untimely deaths and I have always been touched at watching the best friend go through the death of a special friend.  You don’t need many people in your life like this because the friendship is so deep and rich that it is hard to share that with too many people.  But we all need at least one person in our lives like this.  You know the friend that the second you answer your phone when they call says, “what’s wrong your voice doesn’t sound right”.  They’re the ones that you can be honest with and say, “This really sucks” and they don’t argue it with you.  They’re the ones that can tell you you’re dressing like a granny and you don’t get your feelings hurt.  But they’re also the ones that cheer you on with no personal jealous feelings. They hope the best for you but cry when the best ends up being really disappointing.  

So that’s what I think about friends.  I love all the people in my life for all different reasons and many of my friends know I would do anything for them.  I pretty much risk my life answering the phone when I see I have a incoming call from a friend.  Sure I am the one that actually can hardly ever ignore a call if it is a friend.  

As women we need friends.  Husbands are awesome but even in the best of marriages women friendships are a must.  And if you have a special needs child having a friend that will listen to your disappointments and encourage you is critical.  Friendship is not such a small thing but it is the small things in a friendship that make a big difference!  Here’s to friendships!!!  :)