After my long discussion on friends yesterday I thought I would just highlight friends for kids with special needs!  This is so important!  I think it is so important to offer our special needs kids some sort of peer friendship.  I realize that the range of disabilities are large and what one child can do is different than another but not being afraid to get them out there is huge.  Their friendships might look different than your typical kids friends but all the same they are so important. 

I love this photo.  That is one of my girls killing Peter with the bucket of cold water on a summer day.  Helping your kid get out there and play is much harder than the other typical kids because with our other kids all we have to do is say okay and they go but with a kid with special needs you actually have to make it happen.  When Peter was real small I would carry him around playing hide and seek with the kids and hiding with him and then running as fast as I could to base before being tagged.  That was another thing, I thought I would never be able to see my kids playing together.  We learn so much from our kids and one thing that really is cool is learning just how to treat others with special needs.  Once kids understand a little about what makes your kid different they jump right in and play.  There are plenty of times I have had to shut my eyes knowing full well that it could be rather dangerous but who am I to stand in the way of FUN.  The big smiles are enough for me!  Never limit fun no matter how much work it takes!  Go down the tallest slides (and that is hard I know because it gives you one heck of a work out when you have someone that does not sit on their own), do the money bars, climb through tunnels, think like a kid and you will be amazed at what you can give a child growing up in a wheelchair.  I think our brains need to play but you just have to work hard at it...  When Jefferson and Peter were about three Jefferson learned to play cowboys with Peter by first making him shoot him and then pulling his wheel chair over him with the wheels on both sides of him.  I loved that because kids never let small things like wheel chairs stop fun.... (we shouldn’t either).  Enough for now.