This is the first year my boys were old enough to vote. I love voting. Certainly not because my candidate always wins but because it is my right as a citizen of the U.S.! This year became more interesting than most presidential elections. I have never really seen a year like it. If people wanted to vote for Trump they told no one and if people wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton they told everyone. It was the strangest voting I have ever witnessed. The ones who told everyone to vote their way ended up losing much to the surprise of the entire country. Now the same people are struggling with the loss. The several weeks building up to the election no one really knew what would happen and I hardly know one person that could have predicted the win of Donald Trump. It was a wide sweep of change. Only time will tell how it will all pan out. But I loved voting with my boys this year. Jeff and I took the guys nice and early and then the four of us had breakfast all together and discussed how we would deal if our candidate lost. That is part of the voting experience learning to deal with your own anxiety on the win or loss. Our elections are not up to a small group of people but it is up to the entire country. Democracy is an amazing thing and I value it. So many people are protesting currently and begging for a different reality but to be honest it is pointless. We are all Americans, it is time to dig in and be a good citizen. Make a change in your own little part of the world. Love others, be kind, and do your part of the job in making this country strong. That is just my personal opinion.

Well I had a BIG birthday! The big 5-0!! Sometimes I'm just minding my own business and then I remember I'm 50 and I think to myself, "ugh, I'm old enough to know a few things!" It was such an amazing birthday! I will have pictures soon and many stories. But what I can say is that it was by far the most surprising thing that has happened to me in a long, long time!! Jeff and Jessi spearheaded an amazing couple of days for me and I have NEVER been so emotionally moved in my life! It taught me a lot!

I will end with this little lesson about voting. Always cast your vote for who you think will be the best person to lead our amazing country. BUT always allow others with a different opinion to have a voice as well and then join the team of Americans to make whoever the winner is as successful as possible. Let's be honest some of the success will be up to the president but at least keep an open mind until there is evidence that you want to vote a new candidate next time around. Four years really is not that long. So if you voted for the winner or if your candidate lost you only have four years.  It is all part of living in a democracy!