Another annual girl's trip! This time we all headed to Rocky Point in Mexico. There was nine of us this year and the trip was filled with love, encouragement, and fun! I have been friends with these girls since I was 18 years old and through the years I have watched them raise babies, go back to school, develop careers, and work at long marriages. It probably is the most healthy group of women around. The nine of all were all raised in homes that taught us about God and instilled high values in our lives. As a result these women face life with a faith that has withstood many storms and I am inspired by each of them. 

We had four days and three nights all together. We did many things while we were together to continue our growth as a group and our understanding of one another. Each night three girls would share on these topics: life changes since the last time we were all together, how the group can support you, and how we can pray for you moving forward. Each woman shared from a deep part of themselves, exposing fears, concerns, and joys. The theme of all the conversations was the constant struggle to fully trust in God's sovereignty, the desire to want more control, and the understanding of God's deep love. 

When we were not sharing our stories we were laughing. We went jet skiing, on a banana boat all together, got henna tattoo's (dragon flies), shopped, played games, sun bathed, cooked together, and just enjoyed being with one another. The joy of long lasting friendships is indescribable. We all made different sacrifices to be together and in the end we were all richer and felt a deeper connection.

I wish everyone had such a group. I believe especially for women a group like this is by far the most healthy thing you can do for yourself. A group that would loves you regardless of what you are going through. A group of friends that feels safe. A group that would not give answers but would just agree to pray for you along your journey. A group of women that would remind you that you are not alone in this journey. A group that related when you said it's hard to pack the boxes of your children's childhood. A group of women that just gets how it is to be a woman.  I am eternally thankful that in my life I have this. I am thankful for each of these girls. I do not see them as often as I would like to but our times together every couple of years are treasures that I will store in my mind for many years to come!! I love them all so much! 

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